Moore's Carpet Care

Moore's Carpet Care

Founded in 1976, we are licensed and bonded. MCC offers  the following quality services:

Carpets / Rugs / Upholstery

We use hot water extraction, sometimes referred to as "steam cleaning".  Prior to cleaning, areas are pre-treated for spots and stains using our own safe and eco-friendly chemicals. The same cleaning process is used for rugs, but we also hang the rugs on rafters with air blowers for several days to let them completely dry.

Scotchguard Protection Specials

Tile / Grout / Stone Flooring

We clean and seal ceramic tile and other stone floorings. The same cleaning process is used as carpet, but with higher water pressure.

Water Restoration Service

We offer a 24-hour water restoration service for all types of flooring. Blowers and industrial size dehumidifiers are used in conjuction with water extraction for quick drying.

Ozone Treatment / Odor Neutralizing

We offer a sonoazair odor neutralizer for pet, cigarette, smoke damage, and other odors.

Chemicals / Padding

Some of our competitors buy our chemicals that we manufacture. We also sell padding for all types of rugs.


Moore’s Carpet Care, Inc. charges by the square footage (length x width) for all services except for furniture cleaning. There are no extra charges for deodorization, spot or stain removal.  Please call 601-856-4147 for your free estimate.

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